Between 1966 and 1972, the Democratic party and their aligned lefty cohorts threw The Temper Tantrum That Lost The Vietnam War.

In another fifty years, long after this whole North Korea – Mark Foley – immigration thing has blown over (in which direction, I can’t predict), do you fuckers want to be remembered for throwing The Temper Tantrum That Lost The War On Terror?

It depresses me to know that there are people out there who are stupid enough to believe that we can just throw away a Republican majority and, in this political climate, win it back in another 2 or 4 or 6 years once the GOP has learned its lesson. The Democrats and their allied lefty cohorts will all but kill to make sure that once they win their long-awaited power back, they will never never NEVER have to return it to us – and I remind you that they own the mainstream media. If you’re dumb enough to vote for the Democrats this year, just to teach Washington a lesson, you’ll be wasting your time and your vote. It is a lesson that Washington will never learn, and you will only be calling down upon yourself the burden of another 40 years of mismanagement, incompetence, and appeasement of our enemies.

If this country runs itself into the dirt because you were too indignant about your party to care about your future, you had goddamned well better be willing to accept the responsibility, because you WILL be getting the blame.


There is nothing more infuriating than someone who does not comprehend the concept of sarcasm. They fall into two types:

1. The easily offended jerk who hears a sarcastic statement, takes it seriously, and explodes in righteous indignation at the outrageous thing you’ve just said.
2. The brainless shitheel who hears a sarcastic statement, takes it seriously, and agrees enthusiastically with the outrageous thing you’ve just said, inadvertently revealing the particularly perverse cast of his mind.

Recently surfed over to Neo Neocon for her interview with Washington State pol Steve Beren. A former anti-war activist turned Republican office seeker. He has some interesting things to say on the rhetoric of war protesters.

What Steve Beren is saying about antiwar strategy can be put this way: If we had made a different choice in 2003 and invaded North Korea, the Bush Administration’s opponents would have spent the last three years bitching about why Bush wasn’t doing anything about the obvious problems in Iraq.
It doesn’t matter which battle your political adversary chooses to fight, as long as you consistently maintain the position that he picked the wrong battle. And if he decides to fight in more than one place, if he in fact chooses to fight ALL of the battles you say he should fight, you can always call him stupid for overextending himself.

Anchoress links to an angry editorial by an American Muslim embarrassed at his coreligionists’ bloodlust; he condemns al Qaeda and the rest for perverting the potential of Islam with their bigoted and warlike ways. This is an honorable and admirable man; my only question is, where the hell are all the other guys like him? Why aren’t more of these moderate/reformist Muslims speaking out? Is he a voice crying in the desert, as I suspect, or does he speak for an increasingly large, angry and disgusted Silent Minority? My hopes are not high, but if only more like him speak up and stop hiding, they may be.


I hear the grumbling rising up from the street
But as it reaches my ears it slowly changes its tune
to the whiiiiiine of
a baby or a starving mosquito
We hear of ‘emergency measures’ being taken
and your first question is:
What does it forbid you that you were formerly permitted?
You say something won’t work,
that’s it’s a waste of space
and an infringement upon your rights
But what I hear through all your cold and venomous logic is
“I didn’t know I had these rights until YOU tried to take them away
but now I want them back
you fucking fascist”

I guess you don’t care whether it has the slightest chance
of making you safer
if it means you’re restricted from doing
something you used to be able to do
I never understood how your mechanism
of perennial pessimism works
but I begin to find that it works in me as well
Going along to get along sounds like a mighty mean thing
to suggest to anyone
but is it too much to ask that you shut the fuck up?
Because I’m tired of hearing you
complain about what a police state we’re turning into
Do me a favor:
Go live in a REAL police state for fifteen weeks
and then come back, if they let you come back
and tell us what a fucking paradise they have over there

You are turning “America” into a dirty word
and for that I will not forgive you.

“Displacement, too, is also an effective method for psychologically avoiding reality. It is a step above projection and is considered simply neurotic. While projection can often appear to be completely uncoupled from reality, displacement has the advantage of allowing someone filled with unpleasant emotions to have an acceptable object onto which to express those emotions. Note that in projection, the individual completely denies that he or she even possesses or is capable of possessing those unacceptable emotions–it is the ‘other’ who possesses them, and wants to inflict them on you.”

This taught me something about myself, actually.

Whenever I’m around other people, I suspect & fear that they are trying to hide their true feelings about me, and that those hidden feelings usually involve some sense of hostility – in short, I’m thinking that they don’t want me to find out that they hate me.

What this says about my own state of mind is, mildly put, unsettling.

Death threats, lies, and sockpuppets galore.

The Anchoress says that we can no longer chalk this up to simple immaturity and lefty petulance; I’m inclined to agree, but what immaturity there is seems to have a familiar ring to it.  The Left is acting as if the political power it does not have is being wrongfully denied it, and they are doing exactly what Jules Winfield called it: “striking down among you, with great vengeance and furious anger, those who would attempt to poison and destroy My brothers.”

Because they think that’s what we’re trying to do to them – we discredit their arguments, and they see it as an attack on their lives, an attempt to “poison and destroy”.  (I’m sure I’ve talked about this before.)  They are convinced not only that they are objectively right, but that we are all part of a conspiracy to deny them the political supremacy they not only yearn for but deserve.

If you want to understand the Left, listen to the Doors playing “When The Music’s Over”, and listen to Jim Morrison scream: “WE WANT THE WORLD AND WE WANT IT… NOW.” That’s the pluperfect glimpse into the mind of a Lefty blogger – perennially disenfranchised, endlessly resentful, and ever more willing to do what it takes to silence opposition.