I think
my essencial problem is that
I wound up trying to indemnatize the Eschaton –
a long with all the utther liftniks who taled me
that Ewwtopia ainsoph art ago
– but who wants to be perfixed, anywhy?
One gets entramped
(whyle look in around this big cosmos
too rapidly to take in
that it couldn’t Be anyother way
and still allow us two ex-ist,
which fits my deafintuition of “perfect”)
in the no-shun that the youniverse is
some thing to be chased,
that you can hunt down the abstracked
and marshal the generalized –
but it’s naught so easy
moving from the unriversal
to the spaceiffic
without buying a map and renting a van.
The real whirl’d only lux flawed
because, like a jewel,
we see something bigger
refractured in its factsets.
And we don’t buy precious stones,
especially not the third one from the Sun,
because we love these jewels per say
(unless there’s something unaw’dd about us),
but we’ll buy it
out of affection for the One who gets to where it.


The universe,
against odds of about 1 in 10^123,
grows more complex minute by minute
over a near-infinity of minutes.
And at some point
about 21,024,000,000 minutes ago
it crossed the line into
an irreducible complexity
(no going back, in other words),
because for the first time
something came to be in that universe
that was capable of looking around
and saying OMGDudeWTFLOL
the universe is now
capable of seeing itself
and uttering the almighty “Huh??”

Don’t ever get to thinking that the ideas you had while you were drunk were any good.

Unless you’re already an asshole while you’re sober. In which case, you’re probably one of these guys: http://www.waronterrortheboardgame.com/

Man accused of faking retardation – for twenty years

Didn’t I see this on Just Shoot Me about three years ago?

But my fiancee wants to travel to England someday.

And I can’t think of anything to say to her on the subject that she won’t brush off as mere paranoia.


“…Whenever a massacre of Armenians is reported from Asia Minor, everyone assumes that it has been carried out “under orders” from somewhere or another. No one seems to think that there are people who might like to kill their neighbours now and then.”
— H H “Saki” Munro, “Filboid Studge”

The strange thing about the Republican Party’s supporters is their complete lack of party loyalty. Even when their guys were in charge, I don’t recall the Democrat voters whining about not getting everything they want and our guys aren’t listening to us and see if I ever vote for these f__kers again. Hell, no – party loyalty above everything, because they knew the principle behind it, and apparently we on the other side forgot.

Your party won’t give you everything you want, but it’s a million times better than having the other bloc in power and getting absolutely nothing. That’s why the Democrats maintain a foothold, despite being made up of so many different factions, constantly arguing over what they want – they know that they have to vote for their guy, when it comes down to the wire, or they’re screwed.

Meanwhile, the Republicans have no one to argue with but their representatives. The GOP base are glad to get rid of everyone who doesn’t toe the line they’ve drawn – or at least that’s the theory.

But here, again, is my point: By turning against someone who won’t give you everything you want, you run the risk of replacing him or her with someone who will give you absolutely NOTHING. In which case, you’d better have a LOT of patience and feel VERY secure about what might happen to you between this election day and the next.