The speech on Iraq fell short of expectations because of a problem the President has. It’s a problem he shares with most of the Republican Party, where it seems to be endemic: the man simply cannot f__king communicate. His speech did not give the impression that things were going to improve; he failed entirely (in my opinion) to emphasize that our rules of engagement were to change, which I think was the most important part of the whole thing. he inteds to let our troops try and WIN for once, but he certainly didn’t seem eager to say so to us. Instead we all got the idea that he was just sending another 25,000 men into the meat grinder.

If we were to change tactics and make it that much clearer that we were doing so, I think public opinion of the war would significantly improve — I think a lot of Americans agree with the principle on which we’re over there, but they don’t agree with the half-assed methods we’re using to fight it. But too many people, myself included, took away the wrong impression from Bush’s speech: that we weren’t fixing our tactics, just sending more guys in to do the same goddamned thing — the same useless and unsuccessful shit we’ve been trying for the last three years.