I think
my essencial problem is that
I wound up trying to indemnatize the Eschaton –
a long with all the utther liftniks who taled me
that Ewwtopia ainsoph art ago
– but who wants to be perfixed, anywhy?
One gets entramped
(whyle look in around this big cosmos
too rapidly to take in
that it couldn’t Be anyother way
and still allow us two ex-ist,
which fits my deafintuition of “perfect”)
in the no-shun that the youniverse is
some thing to be chased,
that you can hunt down the abstracked
and marshal the generalized –
but it’s naught so easy
moving from the unriversal
to the spaceiffic
without buying a map and renting a van.
The real whirl’d only lux flawed
because, like a jewel,
we see something bigger
refractured in its factsets.
And we don’t buy precious stones,
especially not the third one from the Sun,
because we love these jewels per say
(unless there’s something unaw’dd about us),
but we’ll buy it
out of affection for the One who gets to where it.