December 2006

Eric Berne, the creator of the Transactional school of psychoanalysis, mapped quite clearly the dangerous mindfield of parasitic thought in his books Games People Play and What Do You Say After You Say Hello? Having encountered these books before reading Gagdad’s theories on mind parasites, I now realize what exactly Berne did that I found useful — he was identifying and classifying all the patterns that make up those parasites. He not only explicated the structure of (•), but figuring out what all those •••s are. The games make up the script by which you live.

My own personal theory is that since the first step toward O is brushing off your excessive •, the first increment of the first step is figuring out exactly what your own parasites are — what games you’re playing — and erasing them from the script.

This is just a short list. See if you recognize a parasite of your own:
Why Does This Always Happen To Me? = self-fulfilling prophecy
Let’s You And Him Fight = love triangle
See What You Made Me Do = when you screw something up, blame the person who distracted you; eventually that idiot will learn to leave you alone
Wooden Leg = using your disadvantages to gain leniency for your mistakes; “What do you expect of a guy who’s alcoholic/crippled/mentally ill?”
Now I Gotcha You Son Of A Bitch = when someone screws you over, you have carte blanche to exact revenge, no matter how disproportionate the reaction


I think
my essencial problem is that
I wound up trying to indemnatize the Eschaton –
a long with all the utther liftniks who taled me
that Ewwtopia ainsoph art ago
– but who wants to be perfixed, anywhy?
One gets entramped
(whyle look in around this big cosmos
too rapidly to take in
that it couldn’t Be anyother way
and still allow us two ex-ist,
which fits my deafintuition of “perfect”)
in the no-shun that the youniverse is
some thing to be chased,
that you can hunt down the abstracked
and marshal the generalized –
but it’s naught so easy
moving from the unriversal
to the spaceiffic
without buying a map and renting a van.
The real whirl’d only lux flawed
because, like a jewel,
we see something bigger
refractured in its factsets.
And we don’t buy precious stones,
especially not the third one from the Sun,
because we love these jewels per say
(unless there’s something unaw’dd about us),
but we’ll buy it
out of affection for the One who gets to where it.

The universe,
against odds of about 1 in 10^123,
grows more complex minute by minute
over a near-infinity of minutes.
And at some point
about 21,024,000,000 minutes ago
it crossed the line into
an irreducible complexity
(no going back, in other words),
because for the first time
something came to be in that universe
that was capable of looking around
and saying OMGDudeWTFLOL
the universe is now
capable of seeing itself
and uttering the almighty “Huh??”

Don’t ever get to thinking that the ideas you had while you were drunk were any good.

Unless you’re already an asshole while you’re sober. In which case, you’re probably one of these guys:

Man accused of faking retardation – for twenty years

Didn’t I see this on Just Shoot Me about three years ago?