“Displacement, too, is also an effective method for psychologically avoiding reality. It is a step above projection and is considered simply neurotic. While projection can often appear to be completely uncoupled from reality, displacement has the advantage of allowing someone filled with unpleasant emotions to have an acceptable object onto which to express those emotions. Note that in projection, the individual completely denies that he or she even possesses or is capable of possessing those unacceptable emotions–it is the ‘other’ who possesses them, and wants to inflict them on you.”

This taught me something about myself, actually.

Whenever I’m around other people, I suspect & fear that they are trying to hide their true feelings about me, and that those hidden feelings usually involve some sense of hostility – in short, I’m thinking that they don’t want me to find out that they hate me.

What this says about my own state of mind is, mildly put, unsettling.