Death threats, lies, and sockpuppets galore.

The Anchoress says that we can no longer chalk this up to simple immaturity and lefty petulance; I’m inclined to agree, but what immaturity there is seems to have a familiar ring to it.  The Left is acting as if the political power it does not have is being wrongfully denied it, and they are doing exactly what Jules Winfield called it: “striking down among you, with great vengeance and furious anger, those who would attempt to poison and destroy My brothers.”

Because they think that’s what we’re trying to do to them – we discredit their arguments, and they see it as an attack on their lives, an attempt to “poison and destroy”.  (I’m sure I’ve talked about this before.)  They are convinced not only that they are objectively right, but that we are all part of a conspiracy to deny them the political supremacy they not only yearn for but deserve.

If you want to understand the Left, listen to the Doors playing “When The Music’s Over”, and listen to Jim Morrison scream: “WE WANT THE WORLD AND WE WANT IT… NOW.” That’s the pluperfect glimpse into the mind of a Lefty blogger – perennially disenfranchised, endlessly resentful, and ever more willing to do what it takes to silence opposition.