I don’t know what fears made Ayn Rand reject religion. You look at the Ten Commandments – the second half does not say anything out of line with what Rand said about not surrendering your life to someone else’s control. The point of them is to warn you against greed and jealousy.

Think what they say. Don’t murder anyone, don’t steal from anyone, don’t lie about them in public, don’t bang their spouse, and don’t waste your time hating someone else for having something that you want.

Except for the default “religion is irrational” position, the Objectivists have slightly more in common with Judeo-Christian philosophy than they’d care to admit.

Recent discussion of Rand on Gagdad Bob’s blog inspired these thoughts; if any Objectivists crossing here find it counter to their views on her philosophy, well, they can blame my lack of detailed knowledge.