The leftist/Democrat/pseudoprogressive party line is so clearly drawn that a Donk with leukemia cannot express honest gratitude to the person whose bone marrow saved her life, because the other woman is (gasp) a feelthy Republican.

Is your own LIFE not a greater priority than your political purity? To some of these people, apparently not. They would rather die than admit that their lives were saved by Republicans – cripes, they sound like Klansmen who would rather bleed to death than find out that the blood donor who saved their lives with a transfusion was a goddamn dirty spade or one’a them fuckin’ Hymies…

Were the positions reversed, I can’t imagine a Republican ever saying “Well, it’s about time you people got off your ass and did something helpful” to a Democrat. I can’t imagine their politics getting in the way of their gratitude.

…Or maybe I can. I do, after all, read the comments on Captain’s Quarters.