July 2006

Death threats, lies, and sockpuppets galore.

The Anchoress says that we can no longer chalk this up to simple immaturity and lefty petulance; I’m inclined to agree, but what immaturity there is seems to have a familiar ring to it.  The Left is acting as if the political power it does not have is being wrongfully denied it, and they are doing exactly what Jules Winfield called it: “striking down among you, with great vengeance and furious anger, those who would attempt to poison and destroy My brothers.”

Because they think that’s what we’re trying to do to them – we discredit their arguments, and they see it as an attack on their lives, an attempt to “poison and destroy”.  (I’m sure I’ve talked about this before.)  They are convinced not only that they are objectively right, but that we are all part of a conspiracy to deny them the political supremacy they not only yearn for but deserve.

If you want to understand the Left, listen to the Doors playing “When The Music’s Over”, and listen to Jim Morrison scream: “WE WANT THE WORLD AND WE WANT IT… NOW.” That’s the pluperfect glimpse into the mind of a Lefty blogger – perennially disenfranchised, endlessly resentful, and ever more willing to do what it takes to silence opposition.


Here’s a post by the Anchoress that seems to dovetail nicely with something an acquaintance of mine wrote over at Gagdad Bob’s; I have J.’s permission to republish it in its entirety….


… Bob: It’s probably late enough that no one will read this, but I was reminded today of Jung’s proposition that there are no meaningless coincidences.

I went – though I wasn’t on the schedule and in fact haven’t been to church in over two years – to Perpetual Adoration; any Catholic will likely know what that is. They had a paper in back for people to write the petitions for which they were praying; I wrote “Help for all those who are losing faith” and sat down in the back for thirty minutes.

And then when I left, I felt a strange urge to turn to the local jazz station – and THIS came on.

The best is yet to come and babe, won’t it be fine?
The best is yet to come, come the day you’re mine

Come the day you’re mine
I’m gonna teach you to fly
We’ve only tasted the wine
We’re gonna drain the cup dry

Wait till your charms are right for these arms to surround
You think you’ve flown before, but babe, you ain’t left the ground

Wait till you’re locked in my embrace
Wait till I draw you near
Wait till you see that sunshine place
There ain’t nothing like it here

The best is yet to come and babe, won’t it be fine?
The best is yet to come, come the day you’re mine
Come the day you’re mine

I never heard myself making this particular sound before, but halfway through the song I started crying and laughing – hysterically – at the same time.

I don’t usually give any credence to coincidences, but… I can’t help but think He’s trying to tell me something.

I don’t know what fears made Ayn Rand reject religion. You look at the Ten Commandments – the second half does not say anything out of line with what Rand said about not surrendering your life to someone else’s control. The point of them is to warn you against greed and jealousy.

Think what they say. Don’t murder anyone, don’t steal from anyone, don’t lie about them in public, don’t bang their spouse, and don’t waste your time hating someone else for having something that you want.

Except for the default “religion is irrational” position, the Objectivists have slightly more in common with Judeo-Christian philosophy than they’d care to admit.

Recent discussion of Rand on Gagdad Bob’s blog inspired these thoughts; if any Objectivists crossing here find it counter to their views on her philosophy, well, they can blame my lack of detailed knowledge.

Evolutionary Hymn

Lead us, Evolution, lead us
Up the future’s endless stair;
Chop us, change us, prod us, weed us.
For stagnation is despair:
Groping, guessing, yet progressing,
Lead us nobody knows where.

Wrong or justice, joy or sorrow,
In the present what are they
While there’s always jam-tomorrow,
While we tread the onward way?
Never knowing where we’re going,
We can never go astray.

To whatever variation
Our posterity may turn
Hairy, squashy, or crustacean,
Bulbous-eyed or square of stern,
Tusked or toothless, mild or ruthless,
Towards that unknown god we yearn.

Ask not if it’s god or devil,
Brethren, lest your words imply
Static norms of good and evil
(As in Plato) throned on high;
Such scholastic, inelastic,
Abstract yardsticks we deny.

Far too long have sages vainly
Glossed great Nature’s simple text;
He who runs can read it plainly,
‘Goodness = what comes next.’
By evolving, Life is solving
All the questions we perplexed.

Oh then! Value means survival –
Value. If our progeny
Spreads and spawns and licks each rival,
That will prove its deity
(Far from pleasant, by our present
Standards, though it may well be).

C S Lewis

First it turns out that eating kosher is actually a pretty damn good way of staying healthy and avoiding food-borne illness (come on, Kashrut tells you to bleed out your meat before you cook it and to never eat shellfish – for a desert-wandering people three thousand years ago, that was quite an astute judgment), and now THIS:

Circumcision may stop millions of HIV deaths – Significantly lower infection rate among circumcised men, W.H.O. study finds”

After so many coincidences – who could have guessed that Kashrut was actually going to keep people from dying of food poisoning, or that circumcision was a way of preventing disease back when they first picked up the ritual? – you have to wonder if the tribes of Israel weren’t being given a few hints here and there.

“Of course the Left’s been spoiled.  Their grandparents made the mistake of spoiling their parents (the Greatest Generation’s one big error), and now their parents spoiled them.  So when millions of kids of Woodstock attendees grow up and find that the world is a lot tougher outside their home, they can’t hack it; instead of adapting to a harder world, they demand that the world adapt to softer people.”

Here’s a valuable repost from the Anchoress’ site.  She reminds us that Bush has been through a lot of hard rain in the past five to six years, and suggest that maybe Bush isn’t abandoning his base as much as it’s abandoned him.  I wish I could agree, Anchoress, but when you hear that the president’s closest advisor is about to kiss up to the Chicano equivalent of the KKK, you really have to wonder if anyone in the White House really has America’s best interests at heart.

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