Technically, it ought to be seen as a setback that SCOTUS does not want us to set up military tribunals for captured terrorists – when you have the Supreme Court treating the Geneva Convention like some kind of holy writ (and ignoring certain parts of it that piss off the Left), you have a problem on your hands.

But this will set things up for the Republicans beautifully, in one of two ways: 1) What we do with our prisoners of war is a much better issue to run for re-election on than flag defacement or gay marriage. 2) It gives our soldiers less of a moral dilemma about what to do with enemy combatants – don’t capture the Allahu Akbar shouters, kill them where they stand.  The latter may sound ruthless, but even the Geneva Convention says that you no longer have to play by the rules if your enemy disguises himself by not wearing a uniform.