You know, I have no problem with gay people being gay. They can love whomever they want and do whatever they like behind closed doors, as long as they don't go describing it to me in great detail. I DON'T CARE.

But the problem with celebrating your sexual orientation in public is that there are some people who take the opportunity to make it into some kind of sexual Mardi Gras; apparently, they want the entire world to know what's going on behind those closed door.  Those unfortunate displays of "pride" that look nothing like displays of social and personal responsibility. (I recall my favorite headline from The Onion: Gay Pride Parade Sets Mainstream Acceptance Of Gays Back 50 Years.)

There are homosexuals that behave like normal human beings; normal, getting-along behavior has nothing to do with "being in the closet," and likewise, I can't imagine why being openly gay means being FLAMBOYANTLY gay.  If the GLBT community can prove that they can behave like responsible human beings – and not let down our faith in them by indulging in all this suggestive bacchanalia one week a year, every year – then the chances of gay marriage being legalized improve considerably.

More on this later, perhaps, once I get my thoughts better organized.