…Michelle Malign Malkin was dismissing the draft of Bush's remarks out of hand, calling it "Same old, same old."

Are you sure that's not a description of your kneejerk reactions, Michelle, every time you hear Bush say something that doesn't sound like "thirty foot high brick wall at Nogales"?

Your obsession with the word "reconquista" parallels your ideological opposites' relish for the word "Halliburton".

At this point, the main thing that separates you from the people that you so lovingly refer to as 'unhinged' is that you manage to confine your rage to the written word. To that end, as I no longer wish to be exposed to said rage, I no longer read your site – you don't need the traffic that badly, after all.

Just promise me one thing, okay, Michelle? Please tell me that I won't find you out putting a knife through someone's truck tires any time in the foreseeable future.