Humor sites all over the web are turning on the Administration. I don’t claim to understand why. What I fail to understand is the VENOM with which they attack; it’s like all the humor disappears for a brief instant before the gleeful, happy irreverence comes back. There’s the funny and sarcastic captions for the car crashes and wake-up pranks, and then comes “YET ANOTHER REASON WHY THIS FUCKING MISERABLE LYING PIECE OF SHIT DESERVES TO BE THROWN OUT OF OFFICE“. Have things really gotten so serious that they prefer to sneer in superiority instead of actually laughing?

And yet these sites cater to our college kids. We are raising a generation of kids that are being trained, by their own culture, to despise their homeland. I refuse to stand with them when the inevitable Revolution comes – even if that means my back goes against the wall, while they shake hands with the radical Muslims who are lying and telling them that they’re willing to give Marxism a shot.