May 2006

Because I just heard on Fox News that we’re opening diplomatic relations with Iran for the first time since the hostage crisis that killed Jimmy Carter’s presidency… and then I hear on CNN that we’re not actually going to sit down at the table unless Iran holds off on their nuclear-enrichment program.

Ah well. I guess it’s a case of “do nothing till you hear from Condi.”


…Michelle Malign Malkin was dismissing the draft of Bush's remarks out of hand, calling it "Same old, same old."

Are you sure that's not a description of your kneejerk reactions, Michelle, every time you hear Bush say something that doesn't sound like "thirty foot high brick wall at Nogales"?

Your obsession with the word "reconquista" parallels your ideological opposites' relish for the word "Halliburton".

At this point, the main thing that separates you from the people that you so lovingly refer to as 'unhinged' is that you manage to confine your rage to the written word. To that end, as I no longer wish to be exposed to said rage, I no longer read your site – you don't need the traffic that badly, after all.

Just promise me one thing, okay, Michelle? Please tell me that I won't find you out putting a knife through someone's truck tires any time in the foreseeable future.

If they can't get what they want, they won't let us have what we want either. That's their idea of "compromise" on that fucking immigration thing.

Malkin and LaShawn and the whole Hot Air gang have turned into one-issue loonies… just as unhinged as the moonbats Malkin writes about, except I haven't seen her going about knifing Chuck Hagel's tires.

Vox Day made a REALLY unpleasant analogy on WND – how hard can it be for the US to get rid of 11 million undesirables when Germany got rid of half the number in only four years? Which tells you a hell of a lot about the state of mind these people are in.

These people are going to wind up saving the G.O.P. and killing America if we don't get them to shut the fuck up.

How happy will you be when the Democrats are in charge?

Humor sites all over the web are turning on the Administration. I don’t claim to understand why. What I fail to understand is the VENOM with which they attack; it’s like all the humor disappears for a brief instant before the gleeful, happy irreverence comes back. There’s the funny and sarcastic captions for the car crashes and wake-up pranks, and then comes “YET ANOTHER REASON WHY THIS FUCKING MISERABLE LYING PIECE OF SHIT DESERVES TO BE THROWN OUT OF OFFICE“. Have things really gotten so serious that they prefer to sneer in superiority instead of actually laughing?

And yet these sites cater to our college kids. We are raising a generation of kids that are being trained, by their own culture, to despise their homeland. I refuse to stand with them when the inevitable Revolution comes – even if that means my back goes against the wall, while they shake hands with the radical Muslims who are lying and telling them that they’re willing to give Marxism a shot.

Americans are willing to fight for their lives – but only when they recognize that they are in mortal danger.  They will fight the enemy, but only if they can look into his eyes and see the incontrovertible truth that they are about die.  If they do not see hatred and murder rising in the eyes of their opponent, they will stand back and whine about "just getting along" until the bastard whips out a gun or a blade or a detonator and makes a quick end of them.  The fighting spirit of America does not die, but it lies, not even dormant, but comatose within us.

But when we see that we are doomed, then we will finally awaken, and our death throes shall be great.

"Nothing in his life / became him like the leaving it; he died / as one that had been studied in his death / to throw away the dearest thing he ow'd, / as 'twere a careless trifle." Macbeth I.iv

Step 1. Wait for your political opponents to piss off their constituency, then leap on them like wolves on a bleeding deer.

Step 2. Take away their seats in the legislation come election time.

Step 3. Spend the next two years undoing everything they did – or more exactly, everything they didn't stop the White House from doing.

Step 4. Presidential authority should be sufficiently undermined that, after you win Congress back, he will be effectively paralyzed as a political animal for the remainder of his term.

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