This says it better than anyone else has to date – taking down the conspiracists in very few words.

Shut the fuck up, seriously. People are complaining about the film “forcing” the viewers to make conclusions about these men who decided to take down this plane. You fucks. They DO hate us. They DO hate America. They ARE monsters. There’s not other way to portray them. It’s not propaganda. This film walked a pretty neutral line. The director’s not even fucking American! I see no reason that Greengrass wouldn’t want to portray this as closely as possible, and I’m sure he did just that. And for those of you that think it’s totally fake and a complete lie (by our government), I have two points for you. First, it isn’t possible simply because of the number of people that would have had to be in on it. The NYPD, NYFD, ALL of Congress, the people onboard these flights, among many more, and those people would all have had to keep their mouths shut. Secondly, fuck you. I don’t think Bush is a saint, but if you honestly think the government orchestrated it all, why the fuck are you still here? If I believed that my government was that evil, I would have left years ago. To conclude, I originally thought it was too soon for this film, but it’s not. It reminds us how we should be thankful for all that we have, and that there are some real fuckers out there. Amazing film. As others have said, give Greengrass his best director nomination right now.