So…Local newspaper is running new comics two weeks at a time in funny pages, asking us to send in our opinions as to which should be kept.

My suggestion was to keep OVER THE HEDGE and BIZARRO, and get rid of DOONESBURY and NON SEQUITUR, or at least move them onto the editorials page where they belong.

I mean, we have freedom of speech in this country. Publishing cartoons making fun of Christianity will not get you death threats from angry Christians. But a LOT of times it seems they use that freedom to say things they KNOW you don't want to hear.

Dad: "You told your teacher that math was against our RELIGION?"
Kid (Danae): "No, I said it was against MY religion."
Dad: "Well – You can't arbitrarily invent a belief just because it suits your needs."
Danae: "Oh, okay… So how did all the other religions get started?"
(Awkward silence…)
(That night at the bar)
Drinking buddy: "You converted to WHAT?"
Dad: "Danaeism. At least it's a religion that's HONEST about staying ignorant."