I don’t know what it is, but something strikes me as deeply wrong with the TV series WONDER SHOWZEN.


I feel like a prude for even thinking of condemning it. Free speech and all that. And I agree that it’s about high time that we gave up on the idea of childhood as idyllic; to the very young, the world is in fact a scary place. And they make it clearly obvious that the show is NOT intended for viewing by the audience whose regular TV diet it parodies.

But it’s FUCKING DISTURBING – and this judgment comes from a guy who likes the work of David Lynch and John “Ren & Stimpy” Kricfalusi. It just goes into areas I don’t want to go. And some would say that that means it’s doing something right, but I can’t agree.

EDIT for a comment from IMDB.com from someone who gets really close to WS’s raison d’etre:

yeah I guess the truth hurts...may as well continue believing you live in a non-corrupt, non-stereotypical, racist-free world where nothing bad ever happens. kinda strange to think that shows which display a general truth about the world are looked down upon and considered "edgy." woooooooooooo!!

Other comments include:
Mercifully, the religious right has not found this show yet.
[to a critic] You're a fascist with no sense of irony.
It's subversive and is probably the bravest, funniest and truest comedy to come out of America since the late Bill Hicks.
The only reason I liked this show is BECAUSE they are so offensive. Sometimes it's just not funny at all - like the number two skit - real lame. And sometimes it's hilarious. but it's great cuz it's definitely not scared to say anything.
I watched that show last night and it scared the *beep* outta me...it's like Sesame street on heroin or something