I wrote the following a few weeks ago:

I think we HAVE to lose the war on terror. As long as we continue to carry on the war, we will have an indefatigable fifth column that takes every action by their political opponents, be it a step forward or a step backward, as a pretext for opposition – and how can we win the conflict under those conditions?

I realize that this statement actually sheds some light on the reason for the existence of that fifth column. Intolerance of criticism is a primary personal characteristic of both the raving American leftist and the radical Muslim jihadi. It can be said of BOTH that any action by their ideological enemies, whether forward or backward, is a pretext for a seething, bitter response. Concessions are not enough to satisfy them; Carthago delenda est. Utter surrender to their ideology is the only thing that will shut them up, and in both cases they seem only too eager for that day to come – for it means VENGEANCE. After the surrender of America (or the Right) comes the subjugation of America (or the Right). Frutex delenda est.

No wonder the Left refuses to condemn from their hearts these jihadis – their thought patterns are almost exactly alike. It would be too much like condemning themselves.