Forgive me, but the following will be a rant.

I am sick of people who can look at America and not see any of the good. They talk about the bloodbaths in which we supposedly engage with such glee. They talk about our misinterpretation of the words of God, and tell us it was stupid ever to believe in him anyway. They call us hypocrites, they call us fools, they call us blind.

I am FUCKING SICK OF THESE PEOPLE. THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO TAKE AWAY MY HOPE FOR THE FUTURE WITH THEIR SMUG SUPERIORITY. I look into the words of these people and it's like looking into their eyes. All I see is cynicism and hate. I see no pain; they have withdrawn from anything which might cause them pain, and they repress it by inflicting their pessimism and stupidity on everyone who has the nerve to disagree with them?

I thinik we are doing the right thing in Iraq, I do not think Iraq is a quagmire, and I don't think George Bush is worse than any other flawed and overwhelmed human being. In their eyes, such beliefs would make me less than human if I were ever to admit publicly to them.

I don't want to be one of "Them" anymore than I want to be one of "Us" opposing "Them." I am sick of these attempts to divide this country down the middle – doesn't ANYONE fucking REMEMBER what Lincoln or Franklin or whoever the fuck it was said when he warned us about a house divided?

I don't want to be hated, and yet these people hate me. Because I am a Bush supporter, and because I exist. That is really the impression I get. It's as if they want another 9/11 and they're hoping the Red states will get the worst of it, just to teach us a lesson about meddling in the affairs of countries halfway around the world.

These people are going to get us all killed because they won't wake up and stop being idiots. Bush DIDN'T lie, there IS a terrorist threat, and you have no right to call me an idiot because my INTERPRETATION of the truth doesn't agree with yours in every minuscule detail.