I can't talk to a leftist without feeling like I've been hit by a steamroller, or some other comparably heavy piece of construction equipment.

I can't talk politics with my friends. All my attempts at logic fail me, and I have to sit and make token agreements with the stream of ranting and raving and paranoid hate that flows past me.  If I were to swim against that stream, God–

If I were EVER to acknowledge that the GOP is not evil, or that I do not hate George W. Bush with all my heart, I would endure a withering storm of personal abuse.  I wouldn't be able to defend my points with logic when they could just as easily shout me down with appeals to emotion, appeals that mean more to me than my calm and rational arguments would mean to them.  Please remember I wasn't always a Republican.

I feel like I'm in some sort of political closet, and I'll be lynched if I come out.