No matter where I go on the Internet, I come across people who would be perfectly amenable to tearing my testicles out with a rusty fork if they ever found out that I was a Catholic, that I was a Christian, or that I believed in God, period.

I’m sick of the idea that religion has never done anything good for anyone. Just as an example, it’s the one thing that kept me from suicide long enough to get professional help. Not that it matters, because I’m depressed all over again any time I hear some angry atheist ranting that anyone who believes in God is a deluded fool propping up an oppressive system of superstitious beliefs – organized religion – that has enslaved humanity since the beginning of sentient thought. And the more I hear these fucking jerks saying this, the more it begins to eat away at the core of my beliefs. How am I supposed to be free to worship if there’s a large subsection of humanity dedicated to opposing all forms of belief?

I think I know how gays feel when they’re afraid to come out.