Isn’t that against their whole concept of what is right?

Anarchism is a ridiculous concept anyway, and most so-called ‘anarchists’ are only committed to the concept of anarchy per se insofar as they are committed to the idea of the violent overthrow of the status quo which anarchism necessitates.

Are we to tear down the whole government just because a group of people don’t like the ones in charge and can’t come up with a coherent reason for their dislike? And keep in mind that you won’t appease the anarchists by electing new leaders – it’s the System Itself which they oppose and which must be destroyed.

The secret that most anarchists hide is that they don’t want to live outside of a system, not really. They’re just angry that they themselves are not in charge of the system, and so – selfishly enough – have concluded that the whole thing needs to go, in order for a society more to their liking to be set up. These are not the idealistic, Alan-Moore-V-FOR-VENDETTA types who believe that a better society can evolve out of the ruins of an old one once it falls; they are the selfish, piggish type who are committed to remaking the world in THEIR image, for they are The Elect. They have SEEN THE LIGHT, and therefore they and only they can save the world…although they’ll have to destroy it first.