February 2006

How the hell do you stop someone for whom sorry is not enough? Neither apologizing nor standing firm will shut them up; no matter what you do, they take it as an excuse to scream even louder as they call for your head – or your testicles – on a platter.

We move forward, they cry out "We must stop them before they advance further in their evil mission!" We move backward, they say "We've got them on the run; let's redouble our efforts!" Everything we do is an excuse for them to fight us.

I think we HAVE to lose the war on terror. As long as we continue to carry on the war, we will have an indefatigable fifth column that takes every action by their political opponents, be it a step forward or a step backward, as a pretext for opposition – and how can we win the conflict under those conditions?


No matter where I go on the Internet, I come across people who would be perfectly amenable to tearing my testicles out with a rusty fork if they ever found out that I was a Catholic, that I was a Christian, or that I believed in God, period.

I’m sick of the idea that religion has never done anything good for anyone. Just as an example, it’s the one thing that kept me from suicide long enough to get professional help. Not that it matters, because I’m depressed all over again any time I hear some angry atheist ranting that anyone who believes in God is a deluded fool propping up an oppressive system of superstitious beliefs – organized religion – that has enslaved humanity since the beginning of sentient thought. And the more I hear these fucking jerks saying this, the more it begins to eat away at the core of my beliefs. How am I supposed to be free to worship if there’s a large subsection of humanity dedicated to opposing all forms of belief?

I think I know how gays feel when they’re afraid to come out.

I’ve seen real-life hostage negotiations on TV. Talking only works when you can convince the guy to drop the gun or let the hostages go – and after that happens, there’s usually a lot of bullets fired at the perp, or five cops tackle him and wrestle him to the ground.

Talking only serves to convince the opponent to put himself at a disadvantage – and it won’t succeed if he’s already paranoid and violent. Then you have to take a sniper rifle, hide in the nearest building, and wait until you can get a clear shot.

This probably sounds familiar to anyone who’s been following international politics.

What do you say we play a rousing game of Spot The Anti-Semite among all these other pages of paranoid moonbattery? Remember to read carefully!

“And when you see those who meddle with Our scriptures, withdraw from them until they meddle with another topic.”
Mohammed, PBUH, from the Surah of the Cattle, Koran 6.68

Isn’t that against their whole concept of what is right?

Anarchism is a ridiculous concept anyway, and most so-called ‘anarchists’ are only committed to the concept of anarchy per se insofar as they are committed to the idea of the violent overthrow of the status quo which anarchism necessitates.

Are we to tear down the whole government just because a group of people don’t like the ones in charge and can’t come up with a coherent reason for their dislike? And keep in mind that you won’t appease the anarchists by electing new leaders – it’s the System Itself which they oppose and which must be destroyed.

The secret that most anarchists hide is that they don’t want to live outside of a system, not really. They’re just angry that they themselves are not in charge of the system, and so – selfishly enough – have concluded that the whole thing needs to go, in order for a society more to their liking to be set up. These are not the idealistic, Alan-Moore-V-FOR-VENDETTA types who believe that a better society can evolve out of the ruins of an old one once it falls; they are the selfish, piggish type who are committed to remaking the world in THEIR image, for they are The Elect. They have SEEN THE LIGHT, and therefore they and only they can save the world…although they’ll have to destroy it first.